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Fashion And Beauty Brands Are Using Mental Health To Connect With ‘the Anxious Generation’

| | in Informative

Millennials and Gen Z are normalizing conversations around mental health, and brands are getting on board. If you live in New York or Los Angeles, this year, you might have come across a massive ad on the side of a building that read, "How Are You, Really?" Or, perhaps you strolled into a Saks Fifth Avenue flagship to find a mindfulness installation replete with a meditation booth. Suddenly, it feels

5 Basic Tips for Starting a Fashion Portfolio

| | in Clothes

When you’re just starting out, building a fashion photography portfolio can be quite a daunting task. Having to organize and prepare shoots can be difficult, especially if you have no budget. These are my tips for shooting on a shoestring when you’re just starting: #1. Find Models If you have some photogenic friends, start with them to get your technique down. But a real fashion portfolio needs real fashion models.